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If You Know What I Mean

Naruto Meme

The Unexpected Love Story

Otaku Meme

Low Fat!

Flat Chested

Batman Arkham Knight Game Trailer

Batman: Arkham Knight comes out June 2nd, 2015 (USA) on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

BATMAN vs DARTH VADER – Super Power Beat Down

Hamburger Bedding

Buy here ~ $80 USD Shipping Worldwide

GTA 5 Wildlife Documentary – Into The Deep

For the first time, Chaney555 brings you an up close and intimate look in to the animals and plant life that live in the waters of GTA 5.

This GTA 5 nature documentary will demonstrate the behaviors of some of the most remarkable mammals in the oceans that surround Los Santos and Blaine County and some of the deepest mysteries will also be revealed.

DISCLAIMER: Some people have been saying our wildlife documentary isn’t totally accurate – of course it isn’t. We’re not professional wildlife researchers, we’re idiots who play computer games. Enjoy!

If Something Chases You, Run!

Bad Ass Mikasa

Otaku Works by Greg Horn Art

Official Persona Cheeseburger

Called a “Bear Meat Burger,” it features cheese that’s been sliced and layered to look like Persona 4′s Teddy. The burger is being served at the Lil’Rire Cafe in Tokyo’s Shibuya.