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Alien can make a Grown Man Squeal

Meet the X-Men by Oscar Romer

X-Men Fan Art

X-Men Fan Art

X-Men Fan Art

X-Men Fan Art

Oscar Römer at Art Station

Manga Updates 10th Oct 2014

* Shaman King Flowers 28 – Death Zero 10
* Hayate the Combat Butler 468 – See You Again Hero
* Koe no Katachi 56
* The Gamer 58
* The God of High School 179
* Shingeki no Kyojin 62
* Silver Diamond 63

What kind of sorcery is this?

Master Ganondorf defeat a level 9 Master Core without taking any damage! Level 9 intensity, is the highest difficulty level in Smash Bros. single player mode. You have the option to skip this particular boss at that difficulty.


Pro Cosplay Tips

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Hatsune Miku performs on Late night with David Letterman


Expectations Vs Reality


Solid Snake Has Cancer – Dr. 1Up episode 1

The world’s most popular video game characters are not exactly known for leading a healthy lifestyle. Smoking, eating unhealthy, and fighting some of the nastiest “bosses” of all-time can lead to significant illnesses and injuries. Enter Dr. 1Up. The title character and star of an all-new original comedy series, Dr. 1Up is there to make sure that the stars of the gaming universe will be healthy in time for the launch of the next game in the series…or is he?

The Men and Women who create the Real Magic, Stunt Doubles #Respect

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