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Heading towards a new Horizon – MK V.3

Site News March 28th, 2013

Up until a while back it was only about the Manga. Then we added some memes, a few contests and you guys seem to like that. Ever since, the site engagement in the form of your comments and your feedback has increased and it gives us a warm fuzzy feeling.

We at Team MK has decided that this was the new approach that we want to follow. We just don’t want to build a website that we love but we want a site that you guys enjoy and feel the need to interact with in the form of your comment, opinions, likes, creations and feedback.

No we are not talking forced registration but more in terms of varied content that you Otakus would enjoy and love. In those lines we want to give you guys a more complete experience and make Manga Kong the ultimate destination for all Otakus.

The new site design is already in progress!

When you design, one has to make provisions to accommodate all the content of the website. So we would like to know what would you like us to add to the website so that we can plan accordingly. Don’t be shy, we are open to all suggestion.

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~ Love you all Team MK

p.s. Manga and your manga recommendations will always be the No 1 content on the website