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Dec - 13th

Rate the Content on the Site!

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We have been working hard to add more interesting content on the site. Do you guys like the new approach or were you happy with just Manga. Please feel free to leave us your comments and suggestion in the comment section so that we can improve.


Sep - 14th

Otaku Pets?

Just curious what Pets do Otakus own. If you have something more unusual that a Cat or a Dog, do let us know in the comment!

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Sep - 14th

So It’s Finally Over, Rate The Manga!

HSDK Final Chapter

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Aug - 4th


Best Manhwa

May - 3rd

More Memes?

We are getting quite a few requests to add more memes. Do you want more? We are also thinking of opening meme submissions.
Take the poll and help us decide!

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Mar - 27th

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Mar - 25th

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