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Apr - 22nd

The Boy and The Beast – Official Trailer

From director Mamoru Hosoda (Wolf Children & Summer Wars) comes THE BOY AND THE BEAST. Studio Chizu brings you another moving masterpiece. Coming soon to cinemas.

Apr - 21st

Chitauri Scepter AKA Loki’s Staff (The Avengers) – MAN AT ARMS: REFORGED

Every other Monday, our team of blacksmiths and craftsman will be building some of your favorite weapons, and some weapons that you’ve never seen before. This week, we’re recreating Loki’s Staff, the Chitauri Scepter, from the Avengers.

Mar - 18th


When aliens misinterpret video feeds of classic arcade games as a declaration of war, they attack the Earth in the form of the video games ‪#‎PixelMovie‬

Feb - 6th

LEGO Jurassic World Trailer

Jan - 21st

Your Otaku Dream Breakfast

Dec - 25th

Ultra PC Mod Street Fighter 4 Hulk vs Hulk Buster

Dec - 23rd

Robotic Spider Dress

Aptly called the ‘Spider Dress’, this piece of wearable tech features animatronic mechanical limbs that respond to external stimuli while defend the personal space of the wearer. The dress provides an extension of the wearers intuition: It uses proximity sensors as well as a respiration sensor to both define and protecting the personal space of the wearer. Approach the wearer to aggressively and the mechanical limbs move up to an attack position. Approach the system under calmer circumstance and the dress just might beckon you to come closer with smooth, suggestive gestures.

Dec - 23rd

Ultimate Fanboy Dream

This is Killing Us! In One Piece Super Grand Battle X, Nintendo unveiled custom outfits that can be unlocked using amiibo figures. Yes, Only in Japan!

Dec - 23rd

Marvel vs DC Epic Trailer

Dec - 22nd

The LOTR Mythology Explained In Under 5 Minutes

Before you see the final Hobbit Movie, learn about the mythology of The Lord of The Rings universe