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Feb - 27th

Manga Kong’s Top 100 Manga List 2014 & Contest Winner

We took a while but finally the Top 100 Manga List for 2014 is here!

Thank you all for helping with the nominations and being patient with the list.

Manga Kong’s Top 100 Manga List 2014

Some Stats & Highlights of this year’s list:

* Berserk is on #1 since the inception of this List
* 28 New Manga series on the List
* 6 Sport Themed Manga series made it to the list
* There is 1 Manhua (Chinese Comic) on the list
* 6 Manhwa (Korean Comic) made it to the list
* 4 Yaoi sneaked into the list
* 521 Manga series were rated by #TeamMK for the Top 100 List
* #TeamMK spent 600 hrs compiling and ranking this list

Manga Kong’s Top 100 Manga List 2014

And we also have a contest winner: Kofi Roberts
Congrats, you win a 106 Black Rock Shooter Nendoroid

Mar - 22nd

#1 Anima Quickie

“Anima Quickie” New series of contests on the site! Why Quickie? Cause winners would be announced within 24 hrs

WE HAVE A WINNER: Alexander Rost

Congratulation on winning our first Quickie, one of our Admins will contact you via FB!

Today’s Question!
~ Name one Manhwa that you can read at/via our site?

p.s. Multiple answers would be disqualified and you cannot name a Manhwa which has already been named

There are not too many so you better hurry!

Winners will be announced tomorrow

Today’s Prize: One Piece Super DX Pre-Painted Figure: Portgas D Ace (Banpresto Version)

Keep a watch out for a Quickie, it could come any time!

Mar - 16th

#2 Contest For Contest Ideas!

AND WE HAVE A WINNER: Florilen Digma

Thank you all for your suggestions, we will incorporate all the ideas in the coming contests!

Also, we have switched the prize for a better one due to unavoidable circumstances

Now the Winner will get “Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 – Aegis – Figma #049 (Max Factory)”

Thank you all for participating!

Next contest coming up in the next 48 hrs :)

We have lots of stuff to give away to you guys and girls, what kind of contest would you suggest?

What exciting contest ideas can you come up with?

Let us know in the comments below (even if you feels it’s weird) and we will pick one of the commenter for a giveaway!

Anyone can participate and from any where in the world.

We will pick a winner on 27th March 2013 and make the announcement on this post itself.

The winner will get a R/C Submarine! Why play with a rubber duck when you can have a Submarine?